Anxiety Disorders on the Rise?


As many of us know, anxiety disorders are on the rise leaving us feeling hopeless and sometimes shameful.  Well, HTP is here to help.  The crazy world we live in can sometimes lead us to complete mania and in turn, leave us calling the doctor.  Doctors treat symptoms, mainly because that is what they are taught AND paid to do.  Congratulations to the doctors for doing such a great job!

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) estimates that anxiety rates have continued to rise steadily over the decades. Today, the ADAA estimates that more than 40 million people suffer from anxiety disorders in this country, based on prescription drug sales. And younger generations seem to be most affected. But if anxiety disorders really are on the rise, the question is…why?


Honestly, we are responsible for ourselves, at all times.  If the roof is leaking, are you going to keep putting pot and pans and buckets down (don’t answer)?  Eventually, we’ll have to repair/replace the roof or whatever is causing the leak, right?  That’s how life works when it comes to healing and growth.  Treating the symptoms is only temporary, strengthening the wound/damage opposed to actually treating the root matter.

We’re not putting the blame on anyone.  Congratulations to a job well done.  But now it is crucial we do our job well, which is being responsible for ourselves and our health.  That is what breaks the cycle.  Many people are searching for ways and support to enable themselves to be a better person.  That is the ultimate goal in life, right?

The purpose of this blog is not to point fingers, but to identify the stimuli of the cause and effect and provide treatment and help.  We’ve created a resource where people from all walks of life can gain insight on true healing.  Read, learn, and benefit from the tried and true information provided.  Coming soon, we will be unveiling prominent anxiety disorders, natural treatments and regimens, and great information related to this topic!  Just click on the ‘Anxiety’ category or visit blog page.

*We are not here to replace doctors’ orders, but to be a resource and support for mankind. 


2 thoughts on “Anxiety Disorders on the Rise?

  1. I can totally attest to this: when I went through severe anxiety, the pills actually made it worse for me. When I started eating more foods with magnesium, and started doing tai chi, the problems left:) I also eliminated high-refined, caffeine, sugar based foods/drinks because it made the symptoms worse. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

    • Thank you for your interest in this new category. Much truth in your comment. Many times, achieving balance in our lives requires taking away or peeling back opposed to adding more. Life is all about simplicity! It seems you began focusing/tuning into self more instead of snowballing the anxiety, AWESOME!!! Staying positive is key, many times tribulation is just bait to bring us back to ourselves, in balance. Thanks, looking forward to sharing more with you as well!

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