Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

Top 10 Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

The popularity of goat milk soap is up and coming.  It’s as if consumers are on a goat milk soap frenzy.  Not only with goat milk soap, but goat milk and cheese as well.  Goat milk has been used in many beauty regimens for ages, such as Cleopatra’s beauty bath secrets and those of local and foreign farmers alike.

Goat milk soap is not only rich in vitamins and alpha hydroxy lipids; there are soaps that offer many therapeutics values as well.  Many goat milk soaps are handcrafted with pure essential oils, no animal tallow, and organic herbs and/or spices.  Consumers are realizing the damaging effects from using harsh skin care products.  And, the damage can take place not only skin deep but internally as well.  This has many making the much needed switch to all natural products and foods.

Top 10 Skin Benefits

  1. Effectively treats acne
  2. Less allergenic than synthetically produced commercial soaps and detergents
  3. Reduces skin inflammation, soothes dry skin
  4. Reduces wrinkles and delays signs of aging
  5. Contains vitamins A, B, C, and E
  6. Contains natural emollients and triglycerides (natural moisturizers)
  7. Free from harmful chemicals and is a mild soap bar safe for all skin conditions
  8. Closest pH level to our skin
  9. Natural alpha hydroxyl lipids
  10. Can purchased handcrafted (no factory products or child labor involved)


All natural handcrafted goat milk soap as well as handcrafted all natural glycerin soaps can be purchased online at  Subscribe at the site for discounts and other great benefits and



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