Mmm…beet chips! I love beets, cooked/raw.

Jules' Fuel

Do you drool when you think of chips ‘n dip?

I’m guessing you do. It’s a part of our long-standing American food culture.

We love easy, and we love finger foods.

Potato chips, pretzels, Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos (nice little rhyme there), and other ridiculously simple, pre-packaged, processed, chemical-laden (okay, almost done with my rant!) snacks are a necessary part of football season, parties, and life!

So the question is:

If you want to adopt a lifestyle of eating mostly real, whole foods (like our genetics are designed for), what do you do for chips ‘n dip?

How do you fill the void?

VEGGIES. Yes, reinvented veggies!

While living in Germany last year, I went through a bit of an obsessive cooking frenzy, reinventing our diets without processed foods.

Lacking easy chips and other crunchy finger foods, I had to get creative, especially with a professional basketball-playing, calorie-guzzling husband.

So, we…

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