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Jules' Fuel

We’ve all said or heard it before: “I just don’t have the tiiiime [for breakfast]!”

Often, it’s referring to some sort of processed or fast food, as a justified excuse to continue eating that Egg McMuffin, “healthy” protein bar, or a sugar-laden pastry.

So, we start our day with something lackluster, and maybe join the rest of our office co-workers in choosing the pastry of the day in the break room (because misery loves company!), and pay for the empty nutrients and their affect on our bodies later.

Then, we resort to coffee or diet soda (and you know how I feel about soda) to make up for the energy bonk.

Often, the dozens of hats we wear often take priority over our OWN health.

We’re daughters, sons,
Wives, husbands
Career men or women
Fathers, mothers,
Sisters, brothers,
(Fill in the blank).

However, what happens when we…

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