Where did you go?

Considering the fact I like turtles and LOVE God, here is a little inspiration from a great post. Enjoy!


“God is at home, it’s we who have gone out for a walk.”
Meister Eckhart


It was a warm afternoon when we decided to go for a ride over a piece of wooded property in mid west Georgia. This property is a large tract of land used solely for “recreational” purposes—the hunting of deer and wild turkey. Not being a hunter, I enjoy tagging along and simply enjoy the opportunity of getting outside and riding the 4 wheeler or simply walking in the woods.

As we were riding over an overgrown path, a large turtle shell suddenly caught my eye. My husband stopped long enough allowing me the chance to investigate. Sadly, the shell was empty–slightly broken but not looking old or as if there had been any sort of trauma–the question remained… where in the world was the turtle? Or better, how in the world could a turtle get…

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