Kale Netting Modifications



Following on from yesterday’s pesky pigeon post. Bearing in mind that kale is in season for just another month (well according to my River Cottage Veg Patch Book anyway), I figured that it would be best to modify the kale netting, rather than re-net it completely.

The left photo shows before and the right, after.  The main difference is that I have added four vertical canes to raise the height of the horizontals, plus some additional horizontals.  Plus some rubber end caps.  Thankfully I was able to reuse poles/caps that I already had, and trimmed some poles down to size. Not sure how well it will work, since the netting will still sag a bit if a pigeon sits on it.  Worse case, I will remove the taller kale plants next weekend.

PHOTO_20140202_110106 PHOTO_20140202_110106#

And the side on view before and after:

IMG_5495 PHOTO_20140202_110212

Next year I am going to net…

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