From Fear to Love

God, Drugs and Thugs

After today’s sermon, the priest came up to me, smiled and said, “Any of that sound familiar?”

I love the Holy Week services. I love all the ceremonies involved with walking through the last days of Christ – those physical reminders of His last acts on Earth. A great Passion play can really tug at the heartstrings as we witness the prosecution, persecution, humiliation and ultimate crucifixion of the man Jesus. Even if we do not accept Jesus as the Messiah, even if we can’t see Him as a perfect, sinless being, it does not lessen the impact of watching a man being tortured and ridiculed in this way. We relate with the characters – the persecuted and betrayed Jesus; His grief-stricken mother, Mary; Judas, the back-stabber; Pilate, choosing not to pass judgement, but not intervening to stop the madness either; Simon, forced to carry the burden of another man’s crime; the…

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