Heaven Is For Real–I Thes 4 Part 4

The Amazing Journey

We are so fortunate to have a Lord that loves us and gives us an abundant life on earth.  As we follow Him, He protects, provides and leads us toward an eternity with him.  As we journey, there are so many daily circumstances that keep us focused on the earthly life we live.  But, the hope of Glory–an eternity in Heaven is the goal.  We speak often of an eternal perspective, but, without believing in the truth of eternity, it seems very for away.

Heaven–A place with no worries–all day with Jesus, no pain, no sin and the joy of being with him in the way we were created to be.  Sin has marred the ability we have to both understand ands communicate with our Lord.  We have to trust that he listens and leads us by his spirit.  When we join him in heaven, we will see him face…

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