Energy Work: Does energy really flow through your hands?

Do you believe in healing by touch?…


I just had my first session of energy work performed on me yesterday by my yoga instructor that I really trust and have been practicing under for over a year and a half.  This was my question this morning: How the heck does energy really flow through your hands?

How does that work? I mean, part of me really understands it because I have experienced sort of magnetic-ish sensations when we’ve done energy work that’s been integrated into our yoga sessions (last time we did it, we focused on the heart and the root chakras, and that night I had the most amazing vivid sexual dreams, so much so I’m pretty certain I actually orgasmed while sleeping– I’ve never had anything like that happen before… you can bet your buttons I had a PHENOMENAL DAY after sleep like that!)

So I’m very VERY intrigued,  but it is all SOOO new to me and I want…

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