Salad, salad and more salads!

We LOVE our salads! Salad for lunch, dinner, “Salad for Breakfast!”

alternative cancer healing

Cancer Fighting SaladOne of the main staples of my new “cancer-killer” diet is salads. Lots of them! (I can hear you groaning now at the thought of it) Yeah, me too. As you might have guessed, salad is not my favorite food. It used to be on my list of things to order before dinner but that is when I could load it up with blue cheese dressing and savory croutons. Those days are gone but I’ve learned to embrace the new and to help get me through I’ve repeated to myself every time I eat something I don’t like, “This is way better than chemo! Here’s to being alive and thriving!”

Here are some of the salads I’ve made over the past 7 months. This gives you an example of what I put on them. I’ve also started adding chicken recently. Made some last night in my new George Foreman. Sprinkled it with rosemary…

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